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There are, certainly, many dental practices in Bucharest. We think that the difference we bring resides in our family tradition and the experience we have gathered in 60 years of activity of the three generations of dentists. Through two key advantages that any patient who walks into LLL Dental clinic enjoys: our passion for aesthetics and our concern for comfort. We, LLL Dental clinic, strongly believe that every person deserves to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.



Our experience as dentists is reflected in thousands of successful dental implants. Implantology in Bucharest is no longer a lottery! We adapt our techniques to individual needs, aiming for long term results. We owe our constantly favorable and predictable results to a careful selection of biomaterials- those which have stood the test of time in our own work and international studies (microsurgery, piezosurgery, ConeBeam CT scanner, titanium dental implants, and artificial bone)…

SAFETY FIRST                                                                       


LLL Dental has a tradition, a heritage of professionalism, strict ethical and moral principles, lodged into the company culture. For the entire sterilization line, for every instrument we have a duplicate. We don’t improvise. The sterilization technique is twofold (chemical and thermal) to avoid any potential error. At LLL Dental, we check the sterilization… 



HI TECH DENTISTRY                   


Cutting edge technology (HI-TECH) alone doesn’t make doctors more skillful, but in the right hands, it can work wonders. From the reception area to the technical laboratory, you will be surrounded by state of the art equipment and devices, which we use for a correct diagnosis and the best treatments. 



Our technical laboratory is located in the same building. This is the branch of dentistry which handles the dental prosthetic pieces (porcelain, zirconia, all ceramic work, braces, etc.). They come to life in the ovens… 

FOR YOUR BENEFIT                        


LLL Dental offers its patients full flexibility concerning payment methods. For complex treatment, we are open to collaborate with the patient in drafting a payment plan …



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