Orthodontics Prices

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Braces Price – Orthodontics


Consultation, odontal status, assessment and treatment plan 100 RON
Study models 50 RON
Removable braces – on the arch 1000 RON
One mobile braces check 50 RON
Two mobile braces check 75 RON
Monolith braces check 50 RON
Attachment of metallic fixed braces on the arch 2600 RON
Attachment of fixed saphire phisionomic braces on the arch 3700 RON
Attachment of fixed mixed braces on the arch 2300 RON
Attachment of metallic fixed braces on ½ of the arch 1200 RON
Exam fixed braces on one arch 80 RON
Exam fixed braces on both arches 120 RON
Dental breaker 1000 RON
Dental breaker check 25 RON
Retainer 300 RON
Trainer 600 RON
Extra-oral hedgear 400 RON
Pendulum 750 RON
Pendulum check 50 RON
Content-braces 400 RON
Arch replacement on fixed braces 50 RON
Bracket replacement 50 RON
Ortho ring cementation 30 RON
External lower fixed braces removal 50 RON
External upper fixed braces removal 250 RON
Orthodontic implant 750 RON
NSK phisiodispenser and satelec ultrasound tartar removal with carbon tip 180 RON
Professional brushing 50 RON
AIR FLOW NSK baking soda 100 RON
Gc mouse gel application 20 RON
Fluoridation after fixed braces removal– on arches, in the practice 50 RON
Fluoridation with trays– at home 200 RON


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