PRF Membrane in Dentistry and Implantolgy

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[hr]A-PRF is the a cutting edge method of obtaining healing membranes from Thrombocytes rich plasma and using them in dental surgical procedures. [hr]A-PRF is a technology based on activating the patient’s own platelets to stimulate, regenerate and accelerate the healing of tissues. This technology encourages the body to use its own resources to heal, regenerating tissues with absolutely no side-effects. It significantly reduces the process of healing in cases of fracture, bone, muscle and tendon surgery.[hr]A-PRF is basically enriched blood plasma, high in Thrombocytes. A-PRF contains many growth factors and cells which support and stimulate bone and soft tissue healing.[nggallery id=38][hr] A-PRF is taken from the recently drawn blood, by separating the healing factors. The product thus obtained has the shape of a membrane or cork, depending on individual needs.[hr] The growth factors in A-PRF are released gradually and their properties determine a fast recovery from the first days following surgery (primary phase).[hr] By stimulating angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) and implicitly the flow of nutritional and healing factors to the grafted area A-PRF plays an essential role in enforcing initial results.[hr] A-PRF membrane can be mixed with the bone graft material in order to stimulate the adherence of cells on the biomaterials or on the titanium surface of dental implants.[hr] The advantage that A-PRF holds over other techniques of concentrating the healing factors is that in obtaining the biomaterial, it only uses the patient’s own blood and nothing else.[hr] At LLL Dental, we use A-PRF in sinus lift procedures (internal or external sinus), bone grafts, atraumatic extractions to preserve existing bone (prevents bone resorption), wound healing and periodontic surgery.[hr]



I-PRF is the  procedure by which we obtain a fluid concentrated rich in platelets improved with white blood cells that contains multiple growing factors and other blood cells obtained by blood centrifugation.

The I-PRF concentrated is used combined with bone regeneration materials to stimulate the nutritional cell- aggregation on the materials to stimulate materials to stimulate the nutritional cell- aggregation on to the bone graft, the collagen membranes surface and the dental implants, also to obtain new blood vessles which will nourish and support the guided bone regeneration. [hr]

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