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We are continuously improving and striving  to increase the treatment standards of our clinic. Consequently we have recently added a new procedure for cleaning in order to prevent periodontal disease.  [hr]

       Periodontal disease is constantly developing in our society affecting  approximately 80% of our adult population. Significant increase in understanding  this  condition was shown in recent years. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the soft tissue  / periodontal pockets surrounding  the teeth. Currently periodontal treatments are not only  relying  on the removal of diseased tissue and curettage but target the periodontal infection that caused the suffering. Therefore we recommend a decontamination session prior to the teeth cleaning appointment for three main reasons:

  • To reduce or eliminate bacteria. During the regular cleaning process some areas subjected to the treatment  may bleed, this may create an entry portal trough which  bacteria form our mouth  will enter the bloodstream and to populate the weak areas of our body as damaged valves or artificial hip and knee joints. We administer antibiotic treatment to all the patients that have these conditions  prior to the procedure to prevent damage from bacteria. Research shows that  pathogens residing in our mouth are closely linked to many diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, low weight gain in  newborns, diabetes etc. All the procedures designed  to reduce the bacterial load is in the best interests our  patients.
  • To prevent cross-contamination from one mouth to another area. Decontamination reduces the risk of transferring the bacterial infection from one area to another.
  • To reduce the  bacteria that causes periodontal diseases before it can cause any damage to the soft tissue (gums)  and to the bone surrounding  the teeth.

Laser Therapy does not involve any pain  and usually takes 5-10 minutes. We strongly suggest the benefits of conducting  this therapy  and recommend including laser decontamination   as part of the routine cleaning procedure. [hr]

Laser Therapy costs 100 lei and is not covered by health insurance. Unfortunately insurance compensation is keeping one step behind newly emerging  health care technology.


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