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       In the last decade, science has developed at a mind-blowing pace and dentistry has made amazing progresses. It is not an overstatement that implantology is a branch which revolutionized dentistry. Due to it, we can preserve the integrity of teeth on either side of the edentation without sacrificing healthy dental tissue through polishing. Although the first dental implants where inserted more than 50 years ago, only in the last two decades has implantology become predictable.
Implantology is a surgical specialty, whose purpose is to replace lost or badly damaged teeth by inserting implants under maximum safety conditions. They become the support for ceramic aesthetic restorative pieces.

    Jokingly, we say that implantology is the science which deals with titanium screws. Bone integration is the process which has a result the structural and functional direct connection between the bone tissue and the surface of the implant. A quality implant has as specially treated surface for a better adherence of the bone cells. The insertion of the implant depends on the strength of the bone. If the bone is not reliable enough, a graft is added through surgical augmentation.

      Implantology is not only the science of bone integration, but also the art of dental aesthetics, the art of tissue manipulation, of camouflage, of optical illusions. During our lifetime, we lose one or several teeth because of accidents, old age or periodontal disease. The goal of implantology is to imitate, as much as possible, the natural look, which requires the outstanding ability of a good surgeon. Therefore, manual labor, the practical skill of performing task with maximum prowess, constitutes a craft.

       In conclusion, we can say that implantology is the science of implant bone integration, but the real art is to use this craft towards making people happy.


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