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The mobile dentures no longer have any support or anchoring element. It sits directly on the gums and jaw bone.
The mobilized (skeletal) denture, on the other hand, sits on the gums and bone, but also relies on the healthy teeth. They need to be consolidated through procedures which have special systems to attach the denture.
A special type of dentures is the one that rests on implants (overdentures). In this case, the additional pressure on implants reduces their life span.


  • Restore the function of mastication. It is not ideally comfortable to chew when you are wearing dentures, but they represent a viable alternative to fixed restorative pieces which sit on healthy teeth or implants.
  • Improve the look of the face, since lack of teeth for an extended period of time alters the appearance. Dentures recover the appearance of cheeks and lips. The patient will be able to smile and laugh freely. The dentures and gums must be cleaned daily, with a soft toothbrush.
  • Speaking is also affected by lack of teeth on extended surfaces. After applying dentures, a period of readjustment is mandatory, when determination and exercise are vital.





  • Reduced comfort due to mobility
  • Sensation of foreign body
  • Since it exerts pressure on the gums, in time the bone shrinks
  • Comes with certain food restrictions
  • Some people do not handle them well
  • Require special adhesives which imply daily costs
  • The dentures need to be reattached, coated or completely remade because the acrylic material (plastic) wears out and changes the supporting tissue (the bone emaciates)


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