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Until the permanent porcelain teeth are ready, we recommend using a temporary ones. The next step is a temporary cementation of the permanent porcelain teeth. This trial period plays an important part in getting accustomed with the new porcelain teeth.
While the permanent restorative pieces are in the stage of temporary cementation, we recommend you pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Is food getting stuck between the work and teeth?
  • Is the piece too tall?
  • Does it exert any pressure or cause discomfort at the gum level?
  • Are you able to chew?
  • Does it prevent certain movements of the cheek bone?
  • Are you satisfied with the shape and colour?

Don’t worry, the cementation of dental restorative pieces is only temporary.
Avoid chewing for at least one hour following the temporary cementation. If a local anesthetic was administered, wait until it disappears completely.
Avoid sticky or hard food, because it can get stuck to the restorative piece.
Chew carefully, because the restorative pieces can come loose and you are in danger of swallowing it with the food. Pay close attention to the chewing process.
You can brush the temporary cemented restorative piece in the same way you did before. Avoid using dental floss.
It is normal that small parts of the porcelain teeth grind down, break or become de-cemented. In such a thing happens, please contact us. In case you are out of town, use special dental adhesive for dentures to reattach the restorative piece.



Avoid eating for three hours following permanent cementation.

If a local anesthetic was administered, wait until it disappears completely.
Following permanent cementation, it is not unusual to feel a slight tension on the teeth or discomfort at the level of gums. You might need a pain killer (e.g. Algocalmin). This discomfort will fade away during the accommodation period. If the sensation persists, please get in touch with us. Hygienization does not require extraordinary procedures. Use toothpaste and dental floss.
According to the specifics of your case, the doctor or hygienist can recommend supplementary cleaning procedures you can initially practice in our practice.
Once a porcelain restorative piece has been cemented permanently, you will enjoy the full benefits of a ceramic dentistry: resistance and aesthetics. Porcelain (like natural teeth) is sensitive to thermic shocks (sudden changes in temperature), mechanic (a strong bite), hard food or surprises (such as walnut shells or small particles in the food). Try to avoid shocks to keep the strength of the restorative piece and natural teeth alike.
Following the permanent cementation, you will have to come in for periodic checks and hygienization.
The prosthetic piece carries a guarantee of two years, but you can extend the period for a fee.
Keep in mind that checks every 6 months from the permanent cementation are free of charge!



We recommend a temporary cimentation with long term special cement. It is both flexible and resistant. It is important that the cement is flexible in order to avoid initial shocks on the implants and to ensure that the restorative piece doesn’t come off too quickly. If you are not leaving the country, we recommend long term temporary cementation so we can remove it for hygienization.
Periodic hygienization of restorative pieces on implants resembles maintaining the health of bone and gums around implants.
We recommend any patient with restorative pieces on implants to avoid mechanical shocks exerted by strong mastication movements. Moreover, it is advisable that you do not put pressure while eating on the implant areas in order to ensure the gradual adaptation of all structures involved in the process (gums, bones). At the end of the adaptation period, you will be able to chew normally.


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