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After periodic plaque removal (every 3-6 months), we recommend dental fluoridation. With this procedure, the teeth will receive an additional protection against cavities. It is suitable to both children and adults.
Fluoridation can be performed at home or in the practice. In the practice, after hygienization of the oral cavity, we apply fluoride on the teeth, gel, paste or lacquer using trays or with a brush. Fluoride penetrates the surface of the tooth easier if it is not covered with plaque or tartar. After fluoride treatment, please don’t rinse or eat for 30 minutes.


[hr]The substances used if the fluoride treatment is done at home should have a lower fluoride concentration than those used in dental practices.



[hr]Fluoride treatment it is an easy, fast and painless procedure which yields great results.It is recommended to all patients, but especially those who are prone to cavities:

  • Patients with teeth hypersensitivity
  • Patients with periodontitis (exposed dental roots).
  • Patients following orthodontic treatment.
  • Kids who had difficulties giving up the bottle.
  • Before and after professional whitening.
  • Patients with dental tissue defects.
  • Disabled people who cannot keep a good dental hygiene.
  • Patients with xerostomia (reduced salivary flow).

We recommend you use fluoride toothpaste as an auxiliary method of protection against cavities and hypersensitivity. [hr]

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