Root Canal Treatment Under The Microscope

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Microscope in endodontics due to high visibility of details has the following benefits:

  • Magnifies the images of radicular canals 2-19 times, increasing the success of endodontic treatments and re-treatments. It can detect atypical canal shapes, can close gaps, remove broken needles inside the canal, etc.
  • Increases precision. The microscope can identify the smallest cracks and fractures.
  • Allows saving teeth which otherwise have to be extracted.
  • Facilitates the communication with the patient photos or videos during the endodontic treatment..
  • Exact diagnosis-potential lesions can be detected which would be invisible to the naked eye.
  • Conservative root canal treatment – a larger portion of the tooth structure can be saved.
  • Ensures a quality treatment by completely sealing the canal, thus avoiding the need to repeat the procedure.
  • Increased comfort for the patient.



  • Apex Locator Root ZX2 Morita-it is a device which detects in real time, the position of the endo needle from the tip of the root, with no radiation. It is the most efficient apex locator on the market.
  • Endodontic engine and NiTi rotating set of instruments-the rotating instruments ensures a shorter and more successful treatment period and a higher quality procedure. NiTi needles are extremely flexible and adapt to the internal anatomy of the tooth.
  • Leica Dental Optical microscope-the microscope endodontic treatment offers an array of benefits, since a large part of the anomalies are not detected on x-rays, and are invisible to the naked eye. With the help of the dental microscope, we can see in real time and in much detail the radicular morphology.
  • CT Scanner-provides a 3D image of the tooth and reveals multiple details which cannot be visualized with conventional x-ray methods: the exact anatomy of the tooth (curves, extra canals, blocked or calcified canals, etc), the real size of lesions, cracks/fractures in the tooth structure.
  • Obturation through thermic vertical condensation (sealing)-in the present, it is the technique which allows a 3D obturation of the entire endodontic system. It offers great results.
  • Ultrasound device and ultrasonic tips for the endodontic treatment-with this device, we can perform conservative treatments, with the help of the optical microscope. With the aid of ultrasonic tips, we can remove fractured instruments from inside the canal, endodontic cones, we can identify blocked or calcified canals.
  • Rotating flexible needles caused a revolution in the realm of dentistry. They help prepare the radicular canals with a higher precision, and they don’t lose their strength during treatment. The Ni-Ti needles can easily access the apex, regardless of the shape and width of canals. This type of needle reduces the number of needles required, increases the rate of success, lowers the time needed for the root canal treatment and retains its shape even after sterilization.


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