Dental Warranty

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We are confident in the quality we provide, this is why we offer the dental warranty that none of the other practices in Bucharest provide.

All prosthetic treatments carry dental warranty, including obturations and inlays. In the rare cases where a problem does occur during the warranty period, we will redo it free of charge.

Implants are also guaranteed. In the highly unlikely case where the body rejects an implant during the first year, we will give you the money back.

In order to get the dental warranty, you must:

  • Follow the free periodic dental checks and profilaxy sessions, every 6 months.
  • Keep a high standard of oral hygiene at home
  • Obbey the indications of your dentist
  • Remain our loyal customer

The dental warranty is lost following accidents (hits, car accidents, small hard particles in the food, etc)

In the list below you can fiind the dental warranty period for various restorative pieces. We can extend the warranty period, for a certain amount. This extension must be decided on the first two weeks following the treatment. Please ask our reception for further details.

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