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[hr_shadow]   Classification of dental cavities: The removal of damaged tissue will create a series of cavities with various sizes and shapes which will require restoration. In order to understand the difference in price, here are the classifications[hr]

According to depth:

  • Superficial cavities with enamel involvement and limited damage to the dentine and thick layer of intact dentine.
  • Deep cavities with extended involvement of the dental layer and low layer of intact dentine
  • The obturation (filling) for a deep filling, in close proximity of the pulp will have a higher cost, justified by the need of additional base obturation.
  • The criteria which determines the price of a filling are depth, number of restored surfaces and the restored area.

The international classification (Black’s principles)

  • Class I – Found in pits and fissures of: occlusal surfaces of premolars and molars; buccal or lingual pits of the molars; lingual pit near the cingulum of the maxillary incisors.
  • Class II – Found on the proximal (mesial and distal) surfaces of premolars and molars.
  • Class III – Found on the proximal (mesial and distal) surfaces of incisors and canines.
  • Class IV – Found on the proximal surfaces of incisors and canines, but also will involve the incisal edge.
  • Class V – Found on gingival third (the area near the gingiva) of the facial or lingual surfaces of any tooth.
  • Class VI – Involve the incisal edges of anterior teeth and the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth that have been worn away due to abrasion.

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