Patient: I have dental bridge that stretches from the lower right canine to the lower left wisdom tooth (which was treated, at the time, and used as support for this bridge). This bridge broke and should be replaced. Do you recommend replacing it with another dental bridge or placing a few dental implants, given that the underlying wisdom tooth deteriorated and is now very small?

Dr. Manuela Lupascu:

The solution that we recommend for your edentation is the dental implant. The dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted directly into the bone that replaces the roots  of the extracted teeth. This artificial root provides the  foundation for future prosthetic compensations . We recommend this procedure as the  first alternative  solution, because it eliminates the need for  the treatment and preparation of the adjacent  teeth which would be supporting  a dental bridge.

Considering your case , overload upon the teeth that supported the dental bridge lead to the destruction of the wisdom tooth, making it impossible for a new prosthetic restoration to work in the same configuration.

We strongly recommend, tomographic investigation ,replacing  the missing  teeth with dental implants and using implant prosthetic solutions that will bring  safety, comfort,  bone stability and a a balanced mastication pattern for a long period of time.


Data articol: 4 February 2015

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